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Need an emergency plumber in Mount Waverley on an urgent basis? Our plumbers in Mount Waverley have optimal answers for all plumbing issues! The professional crew provides a wide range of services, and we work on anything from faucets to water heaters. We have served numerous citizens of Mount Waverley for many years. We are committed to providing affordable, high-quality plumbing repair and maintenance.

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Plumbing Services in Mount Waverley

Is there a plumber in Mount Waverley that is available on public holidays? The plumbers at Clearwater Plumbing Services is available around the clock, so you can call them whenever you need them. Our plumbers are on call 24/7; thus, you can expect an immediate response to any plumbing emergency or routine maintenance request within the hour.

You can trust Clearwater Plumbing Services to respond quickly if a pipe has broken and water is flooding the area or if you detect the tell-tale rotten egg smell of a gas leak. We have stocked various standard equipment and components to get to work immediately. We’ve been expert plumbers for over a decade. Therefore, no crisis is too big for us to handle.

Blocked Drains treatment in Mount Waverley

Don’t let your blocked drain get out of control. At Clearwater Plumbing Services, we use modern equipment to quickly and effectively unclog drains. We have been in this business for years, so we know both the short-term and long-term answers.

Our local specialists are always available and can usually be at your location within an hour of receiving your call. It means we can start working immediately and remove the drain clog in time.

As a part of our research, we use CCTV to look down the drains. In this approach, we can pinpoint the issue before investing time and energy into fixing it. Through careful planning, our seasoned crew can provide a personalized remedy for your house.

If you have a blockage in your sewage or storm drain, you may call a professional who will use either an electric drain machine or a hydro-jet drain cleaner to get the job done.

See what other are saying about us

Vernon Taylor
Vernon Taylor
Woke to garage flooding, source was underground leak near water meter, rang 07:30 am Clearwater Plumbing Services. Oh so HAPPY! Plumber Dylan arrived about 09:00 am and quickly found what the problem was and we agreed on price to fix. Even got better for us Dillon pointed out that we had a broken ducted heating pipe ( explains why one room would not heat ) Dylan kindly fixed this issue as well.
Jeremy Min Fa
Jeremy Min Fa
Had a new hot water system installed. A very complexed situation with being an old house and 40 year old system in place. Converted everything to new. Freddy and Deegan were very professional and knowledgeable to educate us on what issues were arising and how to fix it. We even got them to replace three other taps in the house as we were happy with their work with the hot water system. Jason was also very negotiable with pricing and understanding our situation financially. Appreciate the work and professionalism from the whole team!!
Kate Fellows
Kate Fellows
A great experience with these guys from making the booking to getting the work done. I won’t hesitate using their service again.
Lynda Cooper
Lynda Cooper
Great service and arrived earlier that anticipated.
Lyne McGregor
Lyne McGregor
Fantastic job, very quick and so helpful Will recommend them to everyone Freddy and Deegan
Gas Fitting

Gas-Fitting services in Mount Waverley

Clearwater Plumbing Services provides reliable gas fitting services, including installing cooktops and ovens, detecting gas leaks, maintaining heaters and hot water systems, and more. Our professionals are on call around the clock, ready to provide prompt assistance wherever in Mount Waverley, VIC.

Clearwater Plumbing Services can take care of any gas fitting emergencies that may arise. Our qualified gas plumbers can install everything gas-related, including gas hot water systems and gas grills.

We are available for urgent repairs, routine service, installations, and maintenance. You won’t have to wait long for service, thanks to the abundance of nearby experts in the suburbs of large cities. When a client calls in the morning, Clearwater Plumbing Services will do its best to get to them within an hour.

Hot water services in Mount Waverley

Taking a chilly shower on a Monday morning or using cold soapy water to attempt to scrape off last night’s leftovers from the dishes is the last thing anybody wants to do. Clearwater Plumbing Services is the company to call when your hot water system suddenly stops working and you need immediate plumbing or hot water repairs.

We have been operating in different locations in every major city. We’re open around the clock, every day of the week, and we have certified experts in your area waiting to help you. When it comes to hot water, you can always count on Clearwater Plumbing Services to offer prompt service with a smile.

Our combined years in the industry mean that no problem is beyond our ken, whether a broken thermostat, a leaking pipe, or a gas leak. We can do any standard upkeep or installation, as well as any necessary replacements or repairs.

Hot Water Services

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