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What Are The Major Causes Of Blocked Drains?

Sinks and tub drains are hidden pathways to take out household waste. When they work smoothly, you hardly think about them. Once blocked drain pipes come to your notice, everything around you changes and becomes hectic. It immediately tops your priority list, and you begin to look for reliable solutions.

Indeed, you try to solve the issue personally and forget about seeking professional assistance. After struggling for hours, you understand and realise the need for a professional plumber.

You might look for an easy way out, but getting professional help can provide you with a long-lasting solution. Choosing the right plumbing services is the key in this matter. Evaluate the seriousness of your situation, and hire a professional plumber. To avoid any major future issues, look at these few causes that can block your drains.

Cooking Grease in Pipes

We often throw cooking waste in our sinks to get it done with liquid waste immediately. It looks convenient, but grease waste begins to cool down in the drain pipes over time, and eventually, blockage occurs. Now a sink full of dishes makes you regret your quick solution.

You can avoid this situation by not throwing grease waste in the sink. Instead, let it cool down and throw the waste in a garbage bin.

Pour hot water to melt the grease from your pipes; this home remedy might resolve your issue. But if the issue is severe, then seek professional help. A plumber will use a drain snake or water jet to clean your pipes and blocked drains adequately. And if this does not work, they know several other techniques to help you get rid of this situation. This is why it is beneficial to hire someone skilled and has experience in dealing with such problems.

Toiletries And Hair Blockage

Clogged pipes can be cleaned with a plunger if the material stuck is minimal. If a plunger doesn’t work, then you have to contact a reliable plumber.

Losing a few hairs while showering is normal and part of healthy hair growth. Those hairs will sneak into your drain and, over time, will block your drain pipes.

A do-it-yourself method to resolve this issue is to use a drain-cleaning solution that dissolves hair to clear the blockage. If it doesn’t work, get in touch with a trained plumber, and your issue will be resolved in no time.

To eliminate any possibility of clogged pipes in the future, plumbers use different equipment and methods, such as drain catchers, filters, screens, and more.

Foreign Items

Having kids in the house is a blessing; you see nothing but pure joy on their faces. They like to explore and experiment with things around them. Flushing things down the toilet can be their next experiment. They will try to flush anything like toys, food items, toilet paper, and more, leading to clogged pipes and a big mess in your washroom. Plungers hardly work in this scenario. It would be good for you to hire a professional plumber to reduce stress and get an easy solution.


Blockage doesn’t happen overnight, so you have to be aware of small things that can cause blockage. Do not throw dust, debris, grease waste, and more in drain pipes.

Seek professional advice and help in severe cases immediately. You can schedule an annual expert plumbing inspections to avoid any major issues or contact Clearwater Plumbing Services any time for the best plumbing services.

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